Rustic Romance Inspiration

Sorry for the sporadic positing these last two weeks (and sorry for missing wedding Wednesday last week!) I have been insanely busy! Oh and we are leaving for the cruise to Bermuda on Friday! So I will not be posting until we get back.

Today I wanted to share some of the ideas I am obsessing over for our wedding. The theme we are going for is "romantic" (is that even a theme?) but I also love the rustic look/feel. Jack isn't a huge "rustic-y" person. But we decided to have a rustic romance wedding. Neatural color pallet + lots of candles + baby's breath + flowing script = my version of rustic romance! 

I am picturing our center pieces to have a wood slab with a crocheted doily draped over it with a mason jar filled with baby's breath and small votives with lit candles danced around the table. Ahhh!

I have had my eye on these table numbers from BetterOffWed for a while now.

I am obsessed with that flow-y font.  It matches the font on the Save the Dates we will be ordering (once our engagement pictures are done!) and the invitations I have in mind.  I also think I want to get the "love" cake topper from BetterOffWed.

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one! But fun to say the least!  We had our friends wedding this weekend, which both Jack and I were in the wedding party.  It was so beautiful and perfect in every way.  

We started the wedding weekend Friday night by going to the reception hall to set up.  There was so much to do and we had limited time to set up, but there were lots people there to help. It was fun and got it done pretty quick.  After the set up, the bride and groom said good bye for the night.  A few of us gals spent the night at the Bride's parents house.  Saturday morning came way to quick! Hair and make up started bright and early.  

I absolutely love how my hair and make up came out!   

We left to head to the church around 1:45pm.  I didn't really have my phone on me at the church so I have no pictures of the happy couple!

We went for pictures immediately following the church. The first picture location was a farm with a huge red barn.  I can not wait to see how all of the pictures came out, I know they are going to be stunning.  It was freezing while taking the pictures! But we didn't let it stop the fun.  Before making our way to the reception hall we stopped at a little lake for the bide and groom to take a few shots together with the beautiful foliage on the water.

I am super excited because we leave for Bermuda on FRIDAY!  How was your weekend!?


Long Weekend Recap

What a good weekend with the most perfect weather! 

Friday night we had a rehearsal dinner for the wedding we are in this coming weekend! Eekkk I can't believe it is this Saturday!! 

Saturday we were up early to drive to my dad's to pick up a part for Jack's car. When we got back he fixed his car and I cleaned up the house. Linley and her family from lifeasanoel was in town to pick up some pumpkins at a local farm, so her and her sweet family stopped by our house and then we went to the Ice Cream Barn for some delicious homemade ice cream. Let me just tell you their sweet baby girl is even more precious in person, if that is even possible!!

Sunday my dad, stepmom, brother and his girlfriend Jess came to our house so Jack could work on my brother's car. He was home from college for the Columbus Day weekend and got an inspection sticker and it failed. Luckily after several hours on Sunday jack got it fixed. Sunday evening jack and I went shopping because he decided he wanted to wear a different shirt for our engagement pictures lol!

His "serious" face

Monday we had to go to my dads because my brother's car failed the inspection sticker AGAIN! For a different reason this time, but still. Long story short by the end of the day yesterday my brother finally had his inspection sticker!

We had our engagement pictures last night. So much fun! Our photographer is amazing. She's so friendly. By the end of the shoot we felt like we had known her for years! Jack and I could not stop talking about it ha. My dogs did not cooperate at all. I was really bummed but I think we did get a few shots with them. Huge thanks to our friend Tess for helping us out with our little demons! 

Most of the shots I wore this outfit! I just love it. and so didn't the photographer. She kept saying "are you sure you want to change I just love that dress!"

Ended the weekend with some doggie snuggles.

How was your weekend?


How we asked our flower girl

On Saturday we mailed a little package to a sweet little lady asked her to be our flower girl!  You may have remembered reading my blog from Labor Day weekend where we spent the weekend with our friends who were up from the south. After that weekend Jack and I knew that Gracelyn would be the perfect flower girl. She is sweet + sassy and just the little diva to make the day complete. I first asked permission form her parents if Gracelyn could be our flower girl.  We were ecstatic when they said yes!  

I wanted something that I could easily mail to her because I knew I wasn't going to see her. I originally searched and search to try and find the Shopkinz Roxy Ring.  When they were here visiting Gracelyn mentioned how she really wanted that one, but it is a limited edition. I couldn't find it anywhere except eBay and it was an astronomically high price. So I moved on from that idea.  I loved the idea of sending her a book, but the one I was originally going to go with I thought may have been a little too young for her, she is 7 years old.  I found this book through a fellow blogger, Meg over at Borrowed Heaven.  

10 Neat Things About Being a Flower Girl

I wrapped it in some fancy paper and tied with a bow.  For those of you who ever received a gift from me it more than likely had a ribbon on it. I got a pink flower to go with it and hand wrote a note to her.  

I got this sweet picture from her mom.  I think her smile says it all!  We are so excited that she will be be a part of our special day! :)

Did you have a flower girl? How did you ask?

We will also be having a ring bearer, Jack's God son who will be just over two on our wedding day.  I have a special gift for him too, but just haven't gotten it to him just yet! Stay tuned for that :)


Weekend Recap: Baby + Bridesmaids

Why does Monday come so fast and Friday so slow? 

Where to even begin! Friday night my sister and niece were at my house when I got home from work. I couldn't get there fast enough. How cute is her "my auntie rocks" outfit?!

It was such a wonderful feeling to see them again, hold that sweet baby girl. Her expression in these pictures says it all, she without a doubt remembered me and was happy to see me.

I was curious how my dogs would be around the baby. They have been around children but not such a little little. 

Regan was in love. Her motherly instincts instantly went into full gear. She never wanted to leave the baby's side. And whenever she would cry, there was Regan checking in on her. Ahh. Love.

Sadie just kind of sniff and went on her merry way too funny.

I think this weekend is better shown in pictures! Enjoy the cuteness!

And not to forget, we had a successful bridesmaid dress appointment! We have officially decided on the dress and color!

It will be this dress, but in David's Bridal color Angel.

I asked if they could try any dress in the color angel just to see how it would look. We held and ivory dress next to it. This picture isn't great because it was taken with my phone. The color is so beautiful and so perfectly romantic. 

How was your weekend? 

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Friday faves

Friday, we meet again, and boy am I happy. I have been waiting for this weekend for weeks, so glad it is finally here. First, my sister and baby niece are visiting and spending the entire weekend at our house. Yes the whole weekend! That's right 2 nights and 3 days of baby lovin' and quality time with my sis.

Saturday is a packed day! We are getting up early to go to a children consignment shop sale to see what goodies we can get for Ava! Then we will be visiting my sister's in-laws, followed up by a David's Bridal appointment for my bridesmaids to try on the dress and color we want for our wedding. We were originally supposed to have this appointment the day lil' miss Ava was born, so I am super excited to finally see my bridesmaids in the dress I love. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share :)

After our appointment we will be going to my mom's who is hosting a spaghetti and meatball dinner (my fav!) so my aunt's can meet Ava for the first time!

Just a few of my favorites on this lovely October Friday.

This one picture basically has all my favorites that I have been obsessing on: 1. Vests, especially this olive green color. 2. Cowboy boots, got these to wear in the wedding we have in a few weeks but have found myself finding ways to wear them a lot lately. 3. Embellished sweaters, purchased this last winter from Target and I love it as much today and the day I bought it. 4. Dark wash jeans, especially a well worn in pair. 

And lastly, surprise gifts. One of my best friends in the entire world surprised me with a sweet gift the other day.

Have you ever heard of KEEP Collective? I had not until I got this gift, and I LOVE it. She knows me so well with the dog paw, love my girls with my whole heart. 

What are you up to this weekend? Would love to hear! Thanks for stopping by :)