Gender Reveal Party!

What an exciting weekend! Saturday we spent the day celebrating my sister, her husband and their baby at their gender reveal party!!

Oh where to start the recap! Let's start with some of the decorations:

I made this chalk board sign, as you can see majority of my sisters answers are pointing towards a girl! I also hand cut those little ties and crowns. As guest came in they were asked to make their prediction. And based on their guess they pinned on either a tie or crown.

They used this little picture frame as a guest book.

I made this sign using PicMonkey and printed it on kraft paper I bought at Hobby Lobby. Here is a close up:

And the final:
Something cute to put on the baby's nightstand!

The final tally of everyone's predictions:

And so we start the reveal!!

My sister and her husband:

And.......... It's a ......

Pure happiness and joy right there :)

And so we went inside to celebrate!

How about this delicious cake, ah!

Love this cute little onsie:

With the kitty feeties 

And to end the party we took so cute mommy and daddy photos:

They are keeping the name a surprise until the little miss is born! Which is killing me!! 

So, tell me, how was your weekend?!



Well, that was quite a weekend.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  My fiance had a 3-day weekend.  Lucky him...

He decided to task himself with renovating our bedroom.  This was quite a pain because we needed to replace the window, not just replace, but we changed the size.

The previous owner installed small "crank out" windows for fear of someone breaking in. She was a widow, and I don't blame her at all really, I mean look at me over here that has to have every single light in the house on when I am home by myself. Literally one in every room because I don't want to walk into a dark room when alone. It is a problem, but it is what it is!

Our room isn't 100% complete yet, but here's some pictures so far!

This is the room before: |yuck|

Love my little babies snoozing!

Small crank out window .. Has got to go!

Hard at work while I secretly snap pictures, ha!

From the outside!


There's still TONS to do. Here a current picture of the room.........


Where has the time gone?

Boy, it sure has been a while since my last post.

And I have a LOT to catch you up on.

As an accountant, I just suffered through the dreaded tax season. Yeah, you got it, 55+ hours a week = wake up, go to work, come home from work, eat, sleep, repeat.  Get in when it's dark get out when its dark.

On a positive note, I have BIG news to share that occurred while on my blogging hiatus.

1) Jack and I got ENGAGED. That's right, you read that correctly. We're getting married!! I am going to be HIS wife.  I can't even put the excitement into words.  I will be sure to write a post with all the gushy details of his proposal.  Oh, and be on the lookout for some upcoming wedding planning posts!

2) I found out I am going to be an AUNTIE.  My big sister is expecting her first child in September!!! I don't know if I will have a niece or a nephew, but we will find out soon. I'll be sure to post pictures from her gender reveal party in a few weekends!

Stay tuned!