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Happy hump day + first day of fall!  I love Wedding Wednesday! I love anything to do with weddings! Not just because we are planning our wedding, but I love weddings, everything about them.

I love the idea of having a photo booth, but because I am a bride on a budget, renting a photo booth just isn't in the cards.  It seems lately I have been seeing a lot about DIY photo booths, so naturally I have been doing a little bit of research on it to see if we can make it work.

I found that there are a lot of different options out there: 

i) Photo Apps! You can download different apps that you can use for a DIY photo booth, like Custom Booth or Wedding Party. If you set up a tripod, with an iPad, open the app, and viola.  You can upload the pictures the next day and share to social media sites.  Or I have even thought about printing them out and including in the thank you cards?   Another option is to have guest take pictures with their own phones and have them upload and to social media - be sure to use hashtags.  Wedding Party App has a cool photo booth feature where it takes pictures and you can arrange like the classic photo booth strip.


ii) Selfie Sticks!  Place a selfie stick on each table, with a few props and a cute sign encouraging guest to take pictures and post to Instagram or even a wedding app such as Wedding Party. You can find a selfie stick for just $5 at Five Below.  

I really would love have a DIY photo booth area and use on of the two back drops!

i) A blush rose back drop.  How dreamy.  It would tie into the romantic theme of the wedding, and the go with the blush color I want for the bridesmaid dresses. You can purchase this over at Swooned Magazine.  It does come at a hefty price.  Possible I could make my own? Lauren Conrad's DIY Rosebud Garland tutorial may be the way to go.

ii) I really like the idea of having some kind of frame that guest can hold and snap a picture.

Did you or are you going to have a photo booth at your wedding?  What do you think about the selfie stick on each table? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. We had a bin of selfie sticks at our wedding and our guests loved it! It was a cheap and fun addition for the "down" times between cocktail and dancing

    1. Oh that is a good idea! Did you have guest upload on Instagram or Facebook? Did you use a hashtag? Did you find it worked? I was wondering if the use of hashtags is successful with guests ?

  2. WOAH I love that rose background. I struggled with this too but because it was so last minute and I was already 500 times over my budget, I didn't get one. Luckily my photographer was a friends of ours and got a ton of pictures of everyone while we were dancing, and after cake we took a lot of pictures with friends.

    I also used a hashtag and got a bunch of photos from that.. I only put the hashtag sign in one place though, if I "promoted" it more, I probably would've had even more people post. I just didn't want hashtag signs all over my venue ;)

    1. AH isn't it fabulous!!! It's just so pretty that I feel like I have to have it! Even if it isn't for a photo booth... maybe behind the sweetheart table?!

      I couldn't agree more that I don't want hashtag signs all over the venue. I was thinking just one sign by the cards / guest book / seating chart table? Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Our photographer is also going to provide a photobooth for us that has props - but I love the frame with the date on it!!! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  4. A DIY photo booth sounds like a genius idea. We almost got one for our wedding, but it ended up not being in the budget, but I had never heard of this idea. Bummer.