Baby + Fall = Weekend Fun

What a fabulous weekend! We started off Friday night just hanging in. Dinner + a movie, jammie's + pizza = perfection. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't feeling well so he didn't enjoy any pizza, but I had myself a small pineapple pizza, mmmmmmm. 

Has anyone one see the movie Warrior? It is a boxing movie. It was really good. I think it was from 2011. 

Saturday started bright + early. I met my mother and brother, Joey, to make our way to my sisters house to visit with her and baby Ava. 

When we arrive this was the little peanut. Can't even take the cuteness with that headband. And she had jeggins on, yes baby jeggins.

I don't think I took this smile off the entire day. She is the most precious baby.  She literally states are you. 

The connection she shares with people is incredible. She stares right into your eyes, as if trying to capture every detail about you. She was awake and alert almost the whole day! I couldn't believe it for only being 3 weeks old.

Sunday we just stayed in. I cleaned the house. A really good clean. Like take all the food out of the fridge and wipe it down kind of clean.

And then I started to break out some fall decorations! I absolutely love the fall. Love love love!

How was your weekend? Are you as excited for fall as I am?!


  1. Ava is too cute! You know I love the headband. ;). Looks like you had a pretty perfect weekend! :)

    1. P.s. Where did you get that little table? I love it!

    2. We actually built that table ourselves! We had been on the search for a table for that spot in our foyer and couldn't find the perfect one, so we made one!

    3. It's awesome! You guys did a great job! :)