Five little things

I am loving these cool mornings and warm afternoons! Also loving that today is Friday and I have a fun packed weekend ahead!  It's a bachelorette weekend for a good friend of mine.

Today for Friday favorites I am going to do something a little different.  I am linking up with my friend Linley over at  Life as a Noel. Linley is a new-ish mama to a sweet baby girl, and documents about her fabulous little family.  Definitely check out her blog, it is full of cuteness overload! She has a link up from yesterday, five little things.

Is is so true that sometimes life goes by so fast and we often forget about the little things.  I am a big support in that it's the little things that mean the most in life.  So here are few little things that mean a lot to me. *Warning- I am going to be a little corny and old school here!*

1) Greeting Cards.  Okay so this may sounds a little silly, but whenever I give a gift I always spend the longest on picking out the card...or even making one.  And when I receive a gift, I love to read the card.  I always say to Jack that I don't even need a gift, just a card.  To me it is a meaningful gesture. I also enjoy sending and receiving a "just because" greeting cards in the mail.  It is a thoughtful gesture that isn't done often anymore.

2) Phone Call.  How many of you actually pick up the phone can call anyone these days? Everything is electronic now, e-mails, texts, etc.  I am guilty of it too.  But I do love a chat on the phone with a good friend, or my mother, especially my sister because she lives far away and I don't often get to see her.  

3) Surprises. Like when Jack will surprise me and make my lunch. Doesn't happen too often, I am usually the lunch maker in the house, but when he does I am always grateful :)

4) Sunday morning coffee.  Jack and I have been trying to spend Sunday mornings together getting a coffee and breakfast at a local coffee shop by our house.  Sometime we get it to go and drive to the Town beach and sit by the water, or we eat there and share a breakfast.  It is something so simple, yet so wonderful.  We are both always pulled in 1,000 directions all week long between work, class, wedding planning, family, etc. it is nice to just slow down and enjoy each other.

What are the little things that means so much to you?


  1. Thanks, Karissa! You are too sweet. :) I love your Sunday morning coffee tradition. It sounds like the perfect way to slow down a little and spend some quality time together. :)

  2. This is so nice..We are trying to do an "electronic free night" in our house! Sometimes we just get too wrapped up in social media!

    1. That is a great idea! We tend to get caught up on our phone too!