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So excited for Friday. I thought Wednesday this week was Friday so it has been an extra long two days.  Not to mention, I am going to see my sister and baby niece tomorrow so the week feels like it is dragging! 

Favorite Food: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  I have been obsessing lately over mac n' cheese.  Good news though, "9g of protein per serving and a good source of calcium". Not even going to look at the rest of the nutrition facts. 

Favorite Clothing: Graphic Tees. This is perfect. I seriously have said this numerous times.

|found here|

Favorite Accessory: I have been obsessing over a monogrammed necklace similar to the one below.  I don't have one but want one! 

|found here|

Favorite Song (at the moment):  Old Dominion - Break up with him. Obsessed with this song right now.   OBSESSED.

What are some of you favorites this week?

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