decisions, decisions!

Okay, with my sister's wedding just around the corner, and by just around the corner I mean Saturday, I have to make my final decisions on my nails and hair:

1.) Nails:

I like this, but may change it to a light gray base color with silver sparkles because the wedding colors are black bridesmaid dresses, gray tuxes, with orange flowers.


Or to do the sparkles at the bottom?


I think I like the second one, what do you think? I would love to hear!

2.) Hair

I am struggling a lot more with choosing how to have my hair done!

Not sure if I want my hair to be 1/2 up 1/2 down or all up, ahh! Originally my thought was 1/2 up 1/2 down because I feel that most "up do's" that are all up look good from the side/back only and for pictures you will be looking from the front.  I didn't want to look like I just had my hair pulled up in a ponytail. But then I saw a few all up up do's that have a little more "character" around the face.

Here are some contenders:

Really LOVE this. Not 100% sure what the back would look like.

 Very classy, and very me.

My hair isn't quite as long, but long none-the-less.



Which one do you like best? Would love your opinion!


lately. . .

I've had a lot on my mind.

A lot of it revolving around regret.


Any who, my sister's wedding is this weekend, yes THIS weekend! Words can not even express my excitement.

I finalized my maid of honor speech and have been practicing it daily.  I know I am going to cry, I am such a crier.

I have spent hours watching countless YouTube videos of speeches, really wishing I could do a "rap" or a "song" speech, but I just don't have it in me. My speech came truly from my heart.


Daily Beauty Routine (#BlogEverydayinSeptember)

Tell us about your daily beauty/makeup routine.

It is really simple actually. 

I wash my face every morning and night with:
Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

And apply this face lotion:
Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer

and  then

I have two make up essentials:  

1. Eyeliner - I like Cover Girl: Perfect Point

2. Mascara - CoverGirl lashblash Fusion (waterproof a must!)

What is your daily beauty/makeup routine like? Simple? Or more complex?

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Childhood Celebrity Crushes (#BlogEverydayinSeptember)

Who are my celebrity crushes from my childhood you ask?? See my top 3 below:

#1. Freddy Prinze Jr. - that smile, jus' sayin'


#2. Joshua Jackson. L-o-v-e-d Dawson's Creek, L-o-v-e-d Pacy.


#3. Chad Michael Murray. Die hard One Tree Hill fan right here, love me some Lucas and Nathan Scott! 


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Two days late, and a dollar short (#BlogEverydayinSeptember)

Okay, with the Holiday weekend and all I am a little behind on reading post by my favorite bloggers. I just so happened to stumble across the "Blog Everyday in September" post by Love Letters & Lists by The Observant Turtle.  Since I just began this blog, I think this is a great idea to meet new bloggers and for ya'll to get to know me.

And so, it is now September 3rd, and I am two days behind, but don't you worry I'll catch up now.

Monday, Sept. 1: Reintroduce yourself to your readers.  Tell us what you want to get out of blogging every day in September.

v   I'm Karissa, I am 26, from Massachusetts, and work full-time as an Accountant/Auditor.

v   I am also the girlfriend to Jack, the most hardworking, kindlovin', handsome man around.  We've
      been dating for 8 years, I know.. yes I said 8. See our anniversary post

v   I am also, a dog mama to two rescue babies, Sadie and Regan. They are a handful, but I couldn't
      imagine life without them. See my National Dog Day post.

v   I love everything country, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  I would love to be in Nashville, but for now I am
      stuck in good ole Massachusetts.

v   Coffee addict - seriously, it is a problem.

v   Nail polish obsessed - I have just about one of every color imaginable.  It is a rare occasion for me
      to not have my nails painted. 

v   I love flowers, especially hydrangeas.. in mason jars; speaking of mason jars, I am obsessed & use
      them for everything: drinking out of, vases, storage, etc.

I just recently started blogging as an outlet to let my creativity shine, because lets face it, there is not much time to be creative in my profession... and just a place to document my the craziness of my life. 

By blogging everyday in September, I am hoping to meet new bloggers!

Tuesday, Sept. 2: Tell us about your most prized possession and the history behind it.

This one I really put some thought into. As I sat here and thought what is the one thing I have that I just couldn't live without, first that came to mind was my cell phone, duh, it is sad and pathetic, but it is true- I am lost without it.  But then I thought "ohh definitely my handbag", I mean I keep my life in there and can not go anywhere with out it.  I realize how materialistic both those answers are.  I thought about my precious teddy bears from when I was a child, which I no longer sleep with but could never throw away. They hold so many memories.

And then it hit me, my most prized possession is my relationship with Jack. We have been through up's and down's, both personally and as a couple. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, holder of my secrets, seen me at the best of times and worst of times, my rock, my backbone.  We have been by each others side for the past 8 years and he has help to make me who I am today. The "how we met" story will be for another day!

Wednesday, Sept. 3: What is your earliest memory?

Oyy, this is a really tough one for me, because for those of you who don't know me personally, my memory is awful. It's sad really. I am lucky if I remember what I wore yesterday. Seriously.

But, off the top of my head, the earliest memory I can think of was in March 1998. The day my youngest brother was baptized.

What is your earliest memory?


Friday Favorites

Hello Friday- I am so happy to see you! 

Courtesy of September Farm, here are my "things", my five favorites about this Friday: 

i) ahhh its the start of a three day weekend & I've been looking forward to it all week -I'll take an extra weekend day anytime.  

ii) we will be spending our Labor Day weekend with family & friends. Oh and relaxing...hopefully! 

          Tonight we have a wedding for a truly lovely couple. 

          Tomorrow we will be doing something fun to celebrate our 8th anniversary - not sure what 
          we'll be doing, suggestions anyone?  

          Sunday we have a family cookout at Jack’s father’s house, he does a summer cookout every
          year, and it is always a blast.  Their house is gorgeous and is on a perfectly landscaped yard,    
          with a breathtaking garden.  

iii) on Monday I am hoping to do some decorating around the house. Yes, it has been three years this October in our house and I still haven’t found the time to completely decorate, yikes.

          My goal is the Kitchen.  I really want to get some decorations on the top of my kitchen 

          Some inspirations are:

          From Thrifty Decor Chic


          And White Whimsy


What are your Labor Day plans? Would love to hear, please share! 

iv) ice coffee - it's Friday and we have a late night so I will splurge and get an iced caramel swirl from Dunkin Donuts

v) Pandora radio - love me some of today's country hits

What are your favorite things about this Friday? Be sure to stop by September Farm.


Have I told you lately, I love you like crazy

                   Every love story is beautiful,
                                                but ours  is my favorite

And so, today marks our 8th year anniversary.  Time does fly when you’re having fun.
We started dating the summer before I went to college.  I had known Jack for some time before we started dating, and let me tell you ladies, I loved him from the first time I saw him.  Still to this day I get thosebutterflies in my stomach when I look at him.  I find myself smiling at the thought of him, or knowing I get to go home every night to him. 

And yes we do have a wonderful, storybook kind of love for each other, but we sure have had our share of struggles.  We have gone through more in our relationships than most, and come out strong every time.  I know that I wouldn't be who I am today had I not met Jack.  He has taught me so many valuable life lessons and has made me strive to be the best person I can be. 

I thought it would be nice to share with all of you a few pictures of us throughout the years, I mean who doesnt love pictures right?!

Summer of 2006 - Our first summer dating, YIKES!
We wanted to do a fancy dinner , April - 2008 

White Mountains, New Hampshire - 2009

Belgrade Lakes, ME, July - 2009

 Celebrating our 4th year anniversary, Newport, RI, August - 2010  

Christmas - 2011

Thanksgiving - 2012

College Graduation – May 2012

My Birthday dinner, June - 2012

Holiday Party, January - 2014

Newport , RI,  May - 2014

You will forever be my always


Everyday is National Dog Day ...for me

Seriously. Yes I joined the bandwagon and posted a tribute to my little ladies, but in all seriousness- everyday is dog day for me.

We adopted both these girls, Sadie first from Lucky Labs. She was only 6 month old, a stray pup for the first 6 months of her life, until the she was placed in a "high kill" shelter. Jack and I had filled out an application at Lucky Labs to adopt a dog- we didn't care size, color, age, etc. We waited patiently for the application to be approved and a potential "match". I'll never forget, when I got a call. The women on the phone said "I got this sweet girl here, she's small, young, timid, saved her 30 minutes before being euthanized. I don't currently have any pictures, but she's a black lab mixed with a smaller breed, only going to be approx. 40lbs." I literally lost it, I WANT HER. It didn't matter to me how "big" she was going to be, or what she looked like.. I just wanted to bring her home and give her a good life. And that we did.

And so we waiting a long month for the transport of dog from the south to the northeast. But finally she was here! 

And then, Sadie needed a friend, naturally! So we found Regan. She was also adopted, but I prefer not to say where from. She came to us very sick and we did not have a good experience with the shelter. She is on the right track now, she is only 1.5 years old, hopefully her immune system will continue to build. She is just the sweetest, smartest little girl and I hate to see her suffering. Sick and all, she does have quite the personality!

And so, these girls are my best friends. They are always by my side, sharing unconditional love.They lick away my tears and bring a smile to my face everyday. 


20 Questions

Okay, so I know I love to know a little bit about the person behind the blog I am reading, so I figured I would write a post to tell ya’ll a little about me.

Please note, I took these questions from The Southern Thing, blog post.

1.  What made you start blogging?
Well, mainly I am looking to find that one thing I am truly passionate about.  I’m a twenty-something with no real…ahh, hobby I guess you could put it.  I work a lot, I am a homeowner with piles of laundry always around, rooms to clean, meals to make, puppies to care for and a wonderful guy to make happy. I often feel stuck in a 9am-5pm corporate type job where I can’t really express myself, and honestly, don’t always enjoy.  I enjoy reading blogs, my favorites The Southern Thing and Aubrey Kinch, as well as other lifestyle blogs, crafting DIY projects blogs, and I am always so inspired so I decided to try one of my own.

2.  If you could give any tip about blogging, what would it be?
I am certainly no pro here, I just started my first blog this past month. BUT I know I certainly love pictures when I am reading blogs, and I love to add pictures to my blog posts, so I’d say make sure you always include fun/pretty/eye catching pictures with every post!

3.  What is your favorite food?
Uhh, does ice cream count as a “food”? Most definitely ice cream, I am an addict.

4. What is your favorite accessory?
Ahh, this is a tough one.  Probably my handbag.  I literally carry my life in there.

5.  What is your favorite thing to do during your spare time?
Spare time, what is that?? Kidding, I can usually be found doing something with my two puppies.  I love to take my lab on jogs, and both of them to the trails right our house with my boyfriend, Jack.

6.  Do you have any pets?
Yes I do. Two actually.  Two fun, energetic, loyal, loving dogs: Sadie and Regan.

7.  Can you tell us about one of your favorite childhood memories?
I absolutely loved driving around at Christmas time with my Daddy and my big sister looking at the houses decorated in Christmas lights.  We used to go on drives and my sister would look out one side and I would the other.  We could count the number of houses that had lights.  I still love to do this, except I go with Jack at Christmas time just to look at the Christmas lights everywhere. 

8.  Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully married with a child and maybe another one on the way. I’ve been with my wonderful guy, Jack, for well, let’s see, 8 years on Thursday (8/28)! We are not married yet, but I am secretly hoping he pops the question soon, and we have a small wedding, and little one running around within the next few years.  I cannot wait to be a wife and a mommy.

I’d also love to have this blog really up and running, with a super cute website design, and maybe even have a decent following of readers.

9.  What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas, hands down.  I love all of the beautiful Christmas displays, the lights outside the houses, and spending time with family.  Okay, you got me…of course presents too!

10.  What kind of music do you like listening to and who is your favorite artist?
Country!! I am a northeastern-er, yes, but I am secretly a southern girl at heart.  Luke Bryan, LOVE.

11.  If you could pick one place to live for the rest of your life, where would you pick?
I am not 100% sure the exact location, but definitely somewhere that has seasons like here in the Northeast.  That is one of my favorite parts of living here. I love the change in weather.  I could never move somewhere such as Florida, I just can’t handle the heat and humidity – I am much more a fall/winter gal.

12.  Who is your favorite author?
Nicholas Sparks.. on the rare occasion I do read, I absolutely love every single book of his.

13.  What is your dream car?
Ah, well, actually I would dream to have a chauffeur every day, ha! I am an extremely nervous driver and hate to do it. It doesn't help that I got into a pretty bad accident, oh 6 years ago now, and I am even more scared to drive now, but I do it.  If I wasn't such a baby when  it comes to driving I would want some kind of SUV, I love Jeep Cherokees, or the Acura MDX and I only like white or black for colors.. but I could never drive an SUV.  I am perfectly content with my small, compact, Acura TSX I am currently driving.

14.  What do you like to do in your free time, other than blog?
See number 4 above.

15.  Where would you want to live when you grow up?
Hmm, will I ever really grow up??? Well I suppose I don’t really have a choice.  I really would like to be anywhere that is close to my family; especially my parents and sister - location doesn't necessarily matter to me.

16.  If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
Elephant! I just love them.

17.  If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be?
Reading people’s minds.  Although I would love to have this “power”, it could be somewhat dangerous…

18.  What is your favorite season?
Fall!! I love everything about fall.  The colors, the fashion, apple picking, hay rides, apple pie, pumpkins, pumpkin carving, flannel shirts, knee high boots, cool crisp air, apple cider, mulled spice sent! Ahh take me to fall!

19.  Are you a beach, city, or nature person?
Hmmm, part of me says all three. I guess if I had to pick one I would say nature, only because I want to live on a large piece of land on a lake one day.  Lots of land for my fur-babies to run around, and a lake for my best guy to fish on early in the morning.  The city is definitely nice to visit, and grab a nice dinner and drinks.  And I could NOT live without the beach in the summer. 

20.  If you could have any job, what would it be?

I would love to not have to work and spend all my time volunteering to help others. The one thing that truly drives me is making others happy – it is my role here on earth, in this life.  


ohhhh, hello fall!

Fall is just around the corner, I can feel it. And let me tell you lovelies, I can not wait! Fall is definitely my favorite season - not just because of apple picking, pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice candle scents, pumpkin coffee, but also I love fall fashion. Here are some fall fashion items I am crushing on:

First and foremost FLANNEL. There is nothing I am more obsessed with than flannel and knee-high boots!
On second thought,  I am also obsessed with jean button up too....

 Ohh and can't forget about LACE!! Love Love LOVE lace!

AND cute puffy vest.. in love. Love the color tones!

This pale pink leopard shirt.. ahhhh.

And, absolutely LOVE stripes, and navy with yellow.