Two days late, and a dollar short (#BlogEverydayinSeptember)

Okay, with the Holiday weekend and all I am a little behind on reading post by my favorite bloggers. I just so happened to stumble across the "Blog Everyday in September" post by Love Letters & Lists by The Observant Turtle.  Since I just began this blog, I think this is a great idea to meet new bloggers and for ya'll to get to know me.

And so, it is now September 3rd, and I am two days behind, but don't you worry I'll catch up now.

Monday, Sept. 1: Reintroduce yourself to your readers.  Tell us what you want to get out of blogging every day in September.

v   I'm Karissa, I am 26, from Massachusetts, and work full-time as an Accountant/Auditor.

v   I am also the girlfriend to Jack, the most hardworking, kindlovin', handsome man around.  We've
      been dating for 8 years, I know.. yes I said 8. See our anniversary post

v   I am also, a dog mama to two rescue babies, Sadie and Regan. They are a handful, but I couldn't
      imagine life without them. See my National Dog Day post.

v   I love everything country, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  I would love to be in Nashville, but for now I am
      stuck in good ole Massachusetts.

v   Coffee addict - seriously, it is a problem.

v   Nail polish obsessed - I have just about one of every color imaginable.  It is a rare occasion for me
      to not have my nails painted. 

v   I love flowers, especially hydrangeas.. in mason jars; speaking of mason jars, I am obsessed & use
      them for everything: drinking out of, vases, storage, etc.

I just recently started blogging as an outlet to let my creativity shine, because lets face it, there is not much time to be creative in my profession... and just a place to document my the craziness of my life. 

By blogging everyday in September, I am hoping to meet new bloggers!

Tuesday, Sept. 2: Tell us about your most prized possession and the history behind it.

This one I really put some thought into. As I sat here and thought what is the one thing I have that I just couldn't live without, first that came to mind was my cell phone, duh, it is sad and pathetic, but it is true- I am lost without it.  But then I thought "ohh definitely my handbag", I mean I keep my life in there and can not go anywhere with out it.  I realize how materialistic both those answers are.  I thought about my precious teddy bears from when I was a child, which I no longer sleep with but could never throw away. They hold so many memories.

And then it hit me, my most prized possession is my relationship with Jack. We have been through up's and down's, both personally and as a couple. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, holder of my secrets, seen me at the best of times and worst of times, my rock, my backbone.  We have been by each others side for the past 8 years and he has help to make me who I am today. The "how we met" story will be for another day!

Wednesday, Sept. 3: What is your earliest memory?

Oyy, this is a really tough one for me, because for those of you who don't know me personally, my memory is awful. It's sad really. I am lucky if I remember what I wore yesterday. Seriously.

But, off the top of my head, the earliest memory I can think of was in March 1998. The day my youngest brother was baptized.

What is your earliest memory?

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