lately. . .

I've had a lot on my mind.

A lot of it revolving around regret.


Any who, my sister's wedding is this weekend, yes THIS weekend! Words can not even express my excitement.

I finalized my maid of honor speech and have been practicing it daily.  I know I am going to cry, I am such a crier.

I have spent hours watching countless YouTube videos of speeches, really wishing I could do a "rap" or a "song" speech, but I just don't have it in me. My speech came truly from my heart.


  1. 1.) I hope everything is okay! I'm here if you need to talk/vent!

    2.) I've had that print in my etsy card for forever! I love it.

    3.) Your speech is going to be awesome and most importantly, your sister is going to love it. I know I would! :)

    1. 1) Thanks! I think you know mostly about what is on my mind. Just going through a personal struggle with myself over decisions I've made between life and work. My problem is I think way to much and over analyze everything! Thanks for always being there to listen :)
      2) I literally just came across it and I might just need to buy it and frame it for the bedroom. It is a perfect quote to see first thing in the morning.
      3) Aww thanks! I hope she does too, I think she will. I just want to get through it without crying my eyes out ha! No one wants to see that!