Friday Favorites

Hello Friday- I am so happy to see you! 

Courtesy of September Farm, here are my "things", my five favorites about this Friday: 

i) ahhh its the start of a three day weekend & I've been looking forward to it all week -I'll take an extra weekend day anytime.  

ii) we will be spending our Labor Day weekend with family & friends. Oh and relaxing...hopefully! 

          Tonight we have a wedding for a truly lovely couple. 

          Tomorrow we will be doing something fun to celebrate our 8th anniversary - not sure what 
          we'll be doing, suggestions anyone?  

          Sunday we have a family cookout at Jack’s father’s house, he does a summer cookout every
          year, and it is always a blast.  Their house is gorgeous and is on a perfectly landscaped yard,    
          with a breathtaking garden.  

iii) on Monday I am hoping to do some decorating around the house. Yes, it has been three years this October in our house and I still haven’t found the time to completely decorate, yikes.

          My goal is the Kitchen.  I really want to get some decorations on the top of my kitchen 

          Some inspirations are:

          From Thrifty Decor Chic


          And White Whimsy


What are your Labor Day plans? Would love to hear, please share! 

iv) ice coffee - it's Friday and we have a late night so I will splurge and get an iced caramel swirl from Dunkin Donuts

v) Pandora radio - love me some of today's country hits

What are your favorite things about this Friday? Be sure to stop by September Farm.


  1. I love all white kitchens.

    This weekend I have been trying to relax and to catch up on a lot of blog related things that I have fallen behind on. I am so not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

  2. I love all white kitchens too!

    I hope you got to catch up on your blog tasks! I am not ready for the work week either, ugh!