Bridal Shower Success

Ahhhhh can I just say how excited I am for my sisters wedding this September and how honored and blessed I am to be the Maid of Honor. As little girls we dreamed of this day.

One of the many duties as Maid of Honor is to throw the bride a fabulous bridal shower. And this special bride to be wanted hers to be a surprise, sure that is fun in all, but extra challenging when she lives in Maine the shower was being held in Mass. 

We didn't pull off the total surprise, but did pull off a successful and fabulous Par-Tay!

Have a looksie for yourself, I made all the decorations/favors my self. Feel free to message me for more detail on how/what I did. I will post in the DIY section more details soon, stay tuned!

Table set up:

Food table: with DIY "Miss to Mrs." Sign:

Fruit Skewers (HUGE success!!):

Love me some mason jars with fresh fruit!

Dessert table: with DIY "Love is Sweet" sign:

Made this myself! Cupcake wedding dress:

Small/simple candy bar:
(Little word of advice, DO NOT put the candy in the fridge before use.. Found out the hard way- lost a whole jar of colored M&M's and the gum balls were stuck together)

Gift table: with DIY "Bride" sign:

My homemade favors!
(White chocolate melts, lighthouse chocolate mold, brown sugar, personalized stamp found on Esty-BrittanyLaurenDesign)

"Message in a bottle" - Advice for the new bride:


At each table I put envelopes that said: "who has the groom?" Written on the front. Inside there was a print out of a tuxedo with a male celebrity's head (I used old magazines!) In one envelope was a tuxedo with the grooms picture! Whoever had the groom won the "door prize" (see prizes below). This was really fun because it was an ice breaker and really had people chuckling.

Also, we played the Price is Right, I found a light house template online and typed a list of house hold items, each guest had to write down how much they thought it cost. Who ever had the most correct (I had the guests count it as correct answer if they were within $1) won the second prize.

So simple, but cute. I tried to stay with the bride's color scheme (black, gray, orange)

Oh but of course we played the toilet paper wedding dress game!! (winner of this game each got to take home one of the centerpieces- DIY stained glass lighthouse vase). Stay tuned for my
DIY blog on how to make!


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