It's Monday, ALREADY?!

Annnnndd so, the weekend came to an end ever so quickly. If only work days were two days a week and weekends five. I say we vote in that change, whose with me?

The weekend started off with birthday celebrations with my best friend, Jess, see post here. And then I soon came to the sad realization that the boy of mine volunteered to work over time ALLLLL weekend, ugh. 

Don't you worry my lovelies I found plenty to preoccupy my time. 

Saturday was a day of shopping, who doesn't love those days?? My sister's wedding is fast approaching (eekkkk!!) and the mother of the bride still didn't have her dress!! I know seriously!

This was a contender...(she looks thrilled to be shopping doesn't she! Ha!)

And then so wasn't this one....(even more thrilled in this picture, not!)

Until she tried this one! 

To end an already eventful Saturday we took our dear friends for a drive to our "home town" for dinner. About three years ago we bought a house about 45 mins away from where we grew up. Over that time we have grown close to our neighbors who have shown us all of the town we currently live in.  We wanted to show them a little piece of our "home".

And so, while out for dinner this was my fortune in my fortune cookie 
Couldn't be more perfectly said.

Ohhh and Sunday, well, was going to be a beach day, BUT who needs a beach?

Could pass up some fetch with my neighbor pooch, Deacon.

And a little swim.

Finally wrapped up the weekend with a relaxing dip in the hot tub:

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