It's blueberry season!

It is that time of year again! Blueberry season has got to be one of my favorites, it's surely a sign that fall is approaching, which my lovely's I can't wait for. Enough with this hot, humid weather!

We moved into my house about 3 years ago, and the lovely woman we purchased the house from had planted a blueberry tree in the back yard, but warned us it didn't actually grow blueberries.  Well, the first summer living in this house we needed to desperately landscape, an so we pulled up just about every shrub there was and trimmed what we could salvage.  And so, the first blueberry season we lived at the house the blueberry tree was awfully overgrown and need some TLC.  My loving boyfriend did some trimming and wallah, the second August living there we started seeing some blueberries starting to grow and has continued!

Just the first batch this season!

My assistant <3

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