Everyday is National Dog Day ...for me

Seriously. Yes I joined the bandwagon and posted a tribute to my little ladies, but in all seriousness- everyday is dog day for me.

We adopted both these girls, Sadie first from Lucky Labs. She was only 6 month old, a stray pup for the first 6 months of her life, until the she was placed in a "high kill" shelter. Jack and I had filled out an application at Lucky Labs to adopt a dog- we didn't care size, color, age, etc. We waited patiently for the application to be approved and a potential "match". I'll never forget, when I got a call. The women on the phone said "I got this sweet girl here, she's small, young, timid, saved her 30 minutes before being euthanized. I don't currently have any pictures, but she's a black lab mixed with a smaller breed, only going to be approx. 40lbs." I literally lost it, I WANT HER. It didn't matter to me how "big" she was going to be, or what she looked like.. I just wanted to bring her home and give her a good life. And that we did.

And so we waiting a long month for the transport of dog from the south to the northeast. But finally she was here! 

And then, Sadie needed a friend, naturally! So we found Regan. She was also adopted, but I prefer not to say where from. She came to us very sick and we did not have a good experience with the shelter. She is on the right track now, she is only 1.5 years old, hopefully her immune system will continue to build. She is just the sweetest, smartest little girl and I hate to see her suffering. Sick and all, she does have quite the personality!

And so, these girls are my best friends. They are always by my side, sharing unconditional love.They lick away my tears and bring a smile to my face everyday. 

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