What I've been up to lately

Gosh, it has been a few days (okay maybe a week + ) since I have written a post.  My schedule has been completely off since the end of August!  BUT things are getting back on track!

First off, my little baby niece was born on August 29th!  That really threw me off, as my sister lives a few hours away.  I traveled there to be with her and her husband during the delivery.  She needed to be induced, so the process was .... long to say the least!  The process started Friday afternoon, and sweetie pie was not born until the following afternoon.  So we were up basically all night.  We did sleep about 2 hours, from midnight to 2:30-ish when her water broke.  It was all fun and games from there! It was such an incredible experience to be there by her and my brother-in-laws side.  I will most definitely post about that experience soon!

And then it was Labor Day weekend!  Which we had such a busy and fun weekend!  I know I am very late in posting this, but there was too much that went on that weekend to not share!

We started the weekend off with a rehearsal dinner for a wedding we had the Saturday of Labor Day weekend (September 5th).  Jack was the best man in the wedding.  It was really a low-key and fun dinner at a local restaurant in the town we grew up in.

Friday night I spent with my doggies.  It was a much needed relaxing night.  Jack spent the night with the groom - to - be.

Saturday was our friends wedding.  It was a blast! Every little detail was so beautiful and perfect. The wedding really displayed their couple's personality.  Because Jack was in the wedding party and I wasn't, I felt dateless for most of the night!  I didn't really know many people. Thank goodness for one of Jack's former co-workers. We were at the same table so I  spent most of the "downtime" hanging with him (neither one of use really knew any one).

My handsome date, who did an amazing Best Man speech.  He had the whole crowd laughing.  I think just about everyone came up to us all night saying what a great speech it was.

The beautiful head table, loving the lacy over lay.

The cake, how awesome is this cake. I mean look at the detail.

They played a short game to see who would win the center pieces.  Jack won :)

Our good friends came up form North Carolina for the wedding.  They spent the entire weekend here, so we got to spend some quality time with them.

Sunday we mostly just relaxed and cooked out on the grill.

Monday, was so hot!  But we ventured to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence RI.  So. much. fun.

It was such a great weekend with this bunch.  Love them to pieces <3

Oh and then to top off the weekend. I got poison ivy/oak/sumac.  So that is what I have been dealing with.  I have it pretty much all over my legs.  It. is. miserable. BUT it is getting better!!  But, boy, it is bad.

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  1. You've been so crazy busy! Lots of exciting things :). Hope you're feeling better - that totally stinks!