Well, that was quite a weekend.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  My fiance had a 3-day weekend.  Lucky him...

He decided to task himself with renovating our bedroom.  This was quite a pain because we needed to replace the window, not just replace, but we changed the size.

The previous owner installed small "crank out" windows for fear of someone breaking in. She was a widow, and I don't blame her at all really, I mean look at me over here that has to have every single light in the house on when I am home by myself. Literally one in every room because I don't want to walk into a dark room when alone. It is a problem, but it is what it is!

Our room isn't 100% complete yet, but here's some pictures so far!

This is the room before: |yuck|

Love my little babies snoozing!

Small crank out window .. Has got to go!

Hard at work while I secretly snap pictures, ha!

From the outside!


There's still TONS to do. Here a current picture of the room.........

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