Where has the time gone?

Boy, it sure has been a while since my last post.

And I have a LOT to catch you up on.

As an accountant, I just suffered through the dreaded tax season. Yeah, you got it, 55+ hours a week = wake up, go to work, come home from work, eat, sleep, repeat.  Get in when it's dark get out when its dark.

On a positive note, I have BIG news to share that occurred while on my blogging hiatus.

1) Jack and I got ENGAGED. That's right, you read that correctly. We're getting married!! I am going to be HIS wife.  I can't even put the excitement into words.  I will be sure to write a post with all the gushy details of his proposal.  Oh, and be on the lookout for some upcoming wedding planning posts!

2) I found out I am going to be an AUNTIE.  My big sister is expecting her first child in September!!! I don't know if I will have a niece or a nephew, but we will find out soon. I'll be sure to post pictures from her gender reveal party in a few weekends!

Stay tuned!

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