Long Weekend Recap

What a good weekend with the most perfect weather! 

Friday night we had a rehearsal dinner for the wedding we are in this coming weekend! Eekkk I can't believe it is this Saturday!! 

Saturday we were up early to drive to my dad's to pick up a part for Jack's car. When we got back he fixed his car and I cleaned up the house. Linley and her family from lifeasanoel was in town to pick up some pumpkins at a local farm, so her and her sweet family stopped by our house and then we went to the Ice Cream Barn for some delicious homemade ice cream. Let me just tell you their sweet baby girl is even more precious in person, if that is even possible!!

Sunday my dad, stepmom, brother and his girlfriend Jess came to our house so Jack could work on my brother's car. He was home from college for the Columbus Day weekend and got an inspection sticker and it failed. Luckily after several hours on Sunday jack got it fixed. Sunday evening jack and I went shopping because he decided he wanted to wear a different shirt for our engagement pictures lol!

His "serious" face

Monday we had to go to my dads because my brother's car failed the inspection sticker AGAIN! For a different reason this time, but still. Long story short by the end of the day yesterday my brother finally had his inspection sticker!

We had our engagement pictures last night. So much fun! Our photographer is amazing. She's so friendly. By the end of the shoot we felt like we had known her for years! Jack and I could not stop talking about it ha. My dogs did not cooperate at all. I was really bummed but I think we did get a few shots with them. Huge thanks to our friend Tess for helping us out with our little demons! 

Most of the shots I wore this outfit! I just love it. and so didn't the photographer. She kept saying "are you sure you want to change I just love that dress!"

Ended the weekend with some doggie snuggles.

How was your weekend?


  1. Jack's mirror pictures are killing me LOL too funny. So happy you loved your photographer! Cannot wait to see these pics. Your outfit looked so good! :)

  2. LOL you should see how many pictures we took in the fitting room. It was hilarious all his faces. Can't wait to see how the pictures came out!!