Bermuda | Part I

I am sad to say vacation is officially over. This Monday morning is going to require 10 cups of coffee.

Bright and early Friday morning on the bus ride to Boston!

As we were walking on the boat

We didn't do too much that first day. We got on the boat early in the day and we didn't set sail until a little after 4pm.

Jack forgot his bathing suit. So we stop at the shop on the ship and had a little fun.

I didn't take too many pictures on the ship. It was a pain to carry around a camera/phone. The second day on the boat, Saturday, was the wedding reception we went to. We all got dressed up in our bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen outfits. Every night in the "grand atrium" there was professional pictures. We took our picture the night of the wedding. We didn't buy it but I snuck a picture of the picture! Shhhh.

We went to the shows on the ship almost every night. That was my favorite part of being on the ship. They were so good! 

Our room keeper was so nice. Love the towel animals, he didn't leave one every day, I couldn't believe the first night he left a towel animal it was a dog!

My favorite two days were the two days we were docked in Bermuda.

More about our adventures in Bermuda tomorrow!

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