Bermuda | Part II

We arrived at Bermuda on Sunday afternoon. We didn't get off the boat that day because we were told that most of the shops and attractions were closed. On Monday we got off the boat and headed over to the bus/water taxi lines. We bought our passes and hopped on the water ferry to Hamilton, the main city in Bermuda.

Once in Hamilton, we got on the bus to Saint George's where we first went to the Crystal Caves. We didn't even think we were going to make it to the Crystal Caves... The bus rides are insane!! The roads are so narrow that there are times where the trees actually brushed against the bus windows. Not to mention the crazy moped drivers that weaved in and out between the buses. Yikes.

After the Crystal Caves we walked around then trying to find a spot to jet ski.

We asked the locals where to go to jet ski and we were sent all over the island. In the end we ended up back to where we started, our cruise boat. Right off the boat there was a jet ski place. The jet skiing was my absolute favorite part of the vacation. I went on the back of Jack's. We went out with a tour guide who stopped at different locations to point out some history of Bermuda. At one point we jet skied right though the Bermuda Triangle! 

On Tuesday, our last day in Bermuda we went to Pink Sand Beach. So beautiful. The sand is indescribable. It is powder soft. Not one pebble, rock, or shell. 

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  1. Those caves look amazing! The beach does too! So beautiful!