Engagement Pictures with Dogs

Engagement pictures have been on my mind a lot lately. Mostly because they're scheduled for October. I l-o-v-e the fall, and would have chosen a fall wedding but fall dates just weren't in the cards for us. So fall engagement pictures it is!

I really want to include the dogs in some of our engagement pictures. I know what you're probably thinking BUT they are a huge part of our lives so it only seems natural to include them :)

I have doing a TON of pinning on Pinterest for some engagement picture ideas, poses/props and such.  I need to book an entire day with our photographer to get all the shoots I want. I am still trying to decide if I like "save the date" signs. Or "daddy asked and mommy said yes" to put around the dogs necks. I am not sure if it is cute or tacky. I tried doing some shopping on Etsy, but found that anything I liked was more expensive then I thought and more then I really want to spend. I need to buy two- one for each dog to wear and it would be signs for one picture and then what do you do with it? Can't see spending close to $60 for engagement picture props. 

I have had in mind something similar to this for our Save the Dates. 


I like signs that are this color and font.  Sign is from HeartcreaftedCo on Etsy.  I really like the saying on this and may even decide to purchase this.  We could always hang it in our house after the engagement session. 


I considered just forgetting the whole sign all together. You can get some really cute shots with no signs, and design a save the date with text when printed.




Would love to hear what you think!


  1. Of course you know I LOVE this idea! I honestly can't decide if I like with or without the signs better, so I'm sure they'll come out super cute either way!! I can't wait to see these adorable pictures :) I also really like that sign and totally think you could hang it up in your house after like you said. :)

    1. I think am leaning more towards no signs with the dogs. But I definitely think I am going to get the "our adventure begins" sign. I can picture it on a picture wall with our wedding pictures :)