Weekend Recap!

AH, Monday always comes so fast!  I'd love to have a 3-day weekend every week - one day packed with fun-filled activities, one day for errands and cleaning, and one day for just relaxation. That's not asking too much is it?

It seemed like every weekend in July was jam packed with things to do.  This first weekend of August I actually had a Saturday with nothing planned.  I decided to take the opportunity to do some wedding planning! A huge stressor for me the last few weeks is not being able to decide on a color scheme.  My "vision" and absolute favorite color scheme is blush pink, ivory, and gold - a nice romantic feel to the day.  I am struggling with this color as many of my bridesmaids are fair skinned and don't want them to look washed out.  So I put that color out of my choices.  And so the struggle began....

It doesn't help that I am extremely indecisive, but I am also really picky / stubborn at times (especially once I already have an idea in mind).  I sat and thought about different colors. Finding something wrong with every color I saw that was't pale / blush pink. I know I want a light color / pastel color - I don't want a dark, bright, or bold color, just isn't my style and doesn't go with the romantic vision I have.  Another struggle is getting Jack on the same page.  He insisted on BLACK tuxes, and only black. But.. ummm... I just really don't like the pale pastels paired with a dark black tuxes. Anyone else have a similar struggle? Would love for you to share your story and what color / style you ended up with!

I knew at this point  I really needed to just go out and look at the different style dresses and colors - Saturday was just the day to do it! The day started by stopping at a few local bridal boutiques to get an idea of bridesmaid dress styles.

In the end it came down to two styles that I really like:

Bill Levkoff - Style 1115 (front)

Bill Levkoff - Style 1115 (back)

David's Bridal - Style F15749 (front)

David's Bridal - Style F15749 (front)

Did I find a color you ask? NO. I was unsuccessful in deciding on a different color other then the blush pink.  I decided I need to plan a day with my bridesmaids and have them try on both styles in the blush pink to get a real feel for how the color will look. But since that is the color I have been dreaming of, as of now, Jack and I decided on blush pink, gold, and ivory color scheme, ahhh dreamy! (And he is on board for tan suits!)

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening flipping through my many bridal magazines.  I could literally spend hours looking up wedding stuff.. I practically did on Saturday, oops!

- - - | - - - 

Sunday fun-day!  The morning was spent cleaning the house, surprisingly I like to actually clean my house. It is such a wonderful feeling after I finish cleaning - clean house, candles lit, and then relaxing, Unfortunately it only stays clean for about 3.5 seconds before the doggies track some kind of dirt, sand, grass, and who knows what in from outside!  Oh well, I enjoy every piece of that 3.5 seconds.

The afternoon was filled with a small cookout with Jack's cousins.  It was such a blast.  We started to do a get together once a weekend and alternate who hosts.  This was only the second gathering, but I can see more in the future.  I really enjoy getting to know Jack's side of the family, even though we've been dating just about 9 years, I really haven't gotten to know his cousins.

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oh you know, just a quick selfie. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of pictures during the cousin cookout. I will be sure to get some next time!

How was your weekend? Would love to hear!


  1. I love the colors you chose!! And I agree, everyone should have a three day weekend. It makes so much sense! :)

    1. Thank you! It really does make sense to have 3-day.. if only I could make up all the rule ;-)