Vintage Window + Rustic Ladder

So, it's Hump day.  That's refreshing to know.  After today, only two more days to get through and it's the weekend. Seems like everyday is a countdown until the weekend, anyone else feel that way?


These last few weeks I have been having a blast planning our wedding.  Once we locked in the essentials |venue, photographer, videographer, DJ| it has become all about decor and making our vision for our wedding day a reality.

Like many brides we are on a tight budget, yes it is our big day and we are splurging a bit, but I am trying hard to stay on budget. With that being said, I have been trying to find cute/fun ways to cut down on the costs.  Would love to hear about any tips + advice if you have any to share.

I stumbled across, what I call an awesome find.  Jack usually just laughs at me when I come home with another DIY project to do for the wedding.  But you wait, he will love all of my ideas once they're complete!

Here is my favorite find so far:  Vintage Windows.  I found these online for only $5.  The possibilities are endless on what I can use them for.  

I think for the wedding my favorite idea is to use them for the seating chart.  Not only does it have a vintage + rustic feel it is also affordable.  If I was to use these for the seating chart we would save a $100+ on seating place cards.  Jack said he will be able to make me an easel stand like the one below to have it sit on.  I'd love to add some fresh flowers to it, probably baby's breath (because I am obsessed with baby's breath).


If we don't use an easel I do like the idea of it hanging.  The venue has amazing wooden beams we could hang it from. In fact, that may be the less expensive way to go, and still looks heavenly.

Not to mention we can re-use these after the wedding.



I also scored this ladder and white lights for $20.  Jack literally died laughing as I carried this treasure into the house.  You can't tell from the picture, but it is a really old ladder, with lots of splattered paint on it.  Jack though it was just so funny that I paid $20 for it.  In his words "I could have gotten you a ladder and splattered paint on it for free"... oops.

In all honesty, it was a pain in the neck to get the ladder.  I drove over an hour away to pick it up. The women left it outside her house, and I left my money in the mailbox.  I didn't realize before getting there that it was going to be so "old" looking. But I had driven all that way and gone back and forth with the women, there was no way I was leaving there with out it. 

Andddd I already had the letters "K", "&", "J".  I got them at A.C. Moore when I saw them on sale a few weeks back. And I had a 50% one item coupon. Scored big on that purchase. I love the look of the letters, but had no idea how I was going to display them when I purchased them. Came across this ladder online and knew it was perfect.

Any who, I think I am going to use baby's breath to decorate a bit more, and probably won't use the lights. But nonetheless, I say it was a good find.


  1. I LOVE all of this!! Where did you find those windows? Craigslist? Such a good find! I'm sure the ladder will look cool, too! ;) I love your how rustic wedding theme. It's going to be beautiful! :)

  2. Thank you! I actually am part of this FB group that is Wedding Planning and Assistance in the area. It's so awesome. People post all kinds if "stuff" on there, dresses, veils, leftover decor from their wedding, vendor suggestions, etc. The windows I got were literally the old windows to her house. She used them for her wedding and posted them and had some extras she was selling. I am sure Craigslist you could find them too!