If only every weekend was endless

Sunday evening, you came far too quick, but this weekend was a fun one.

Friday night was spent celebrating a friend's birthday.  We were at an Ale House that had about 100 beers on tap, it was pretty cool.

We had a family cook out at Jack's father's on Saturday which was so fun. His father has an annual summer cookout.  Always a good time filled with love and laughter.

Today Jack spent the day helping a friend work on his new house, gave me time to do a little bit of shopping, cleaning, blog lovin'.  I stopped into Bath and Body Works | I love the wall flower plug ins | They already had their fall fragrances out! I had to do all that I could do to refrain from buying "Harvest Gathering" my absolute favorite fall sent! This past weekend you could really feel a hint of fall in the air!  AH,  I can't wait. Bring on the fall, hoodies, boots, candles, vets...

I ended up trying a new scent from Bath and Body Works: Endless Weekend, seemed fitting to buy on a Sunday morning while wishing every weekend was endless.

After cleaning the house today I gave my self a mani/pedi.  One of my favorite things to do is my nails.

Recently started using Essie's "good to go" rapid dry top coat. A friend recommended it. I love the fact that it dries fast, but I find that it chips easy.  Any other suggestions for a long lasting top coat? I am not a fan of gel polish.

After errands, cleaning, and mani/pedi I spent a majority of the later part of the afternoon finalizing my new blog layout. No 100% finished, I want to add some "pages" and "labels" to each blog post. But I just love the new design, would love to hear what you think of it.

It is a layout I purchased from Bella Lulu Ink. Be sure to check out her Etsy site.  Her work is absolutely amazing. Not to mention she provides free tutorials when you purchase a layout. 

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