Well, the weekend didn't start off quite how I wanted it to.

One of my pup's, Regan, suffers from a not fully developed immune system resulting in a continuous skin condition.  We have been battling with it for the entire 2 years we have had her.  We have tried just about everything, from a raw food diet, to a holistic approach, to even acupuncture.  But unfortunately, we came to the realization that she is going to battle with this her whole life.  We do everything we can do to keep it at bay and make her comfortable. 

She has had a wound on her side that just won't heal, mostly because it is on a spot where she can reach and lick it, and her back leg can reach to scratch it.  I was cleaning it multiple times a day and bandaging her up, making her wear a t-shirt -- nothing was really helping.  When a scab would start to form she would somehow get to it.  So Saturday morning, she scratched it so badly, there was blood everywhere. I felt helpless and defeated because I had been trying everything I could think of to help it heal. I knew we needed to make a visit to the vet.  She is always such a good girl at the vet.  I mean for a while there it was like a second home, as we were making weekly visits.  

We left the vet with some good news.  The short story is she just needs to wear a cone for some time, and bandage up her foot so she can't scratch and open the wound.

Luckily she is such a good sport about things.  She's always been a trooper.  She is a true klutz though, very very clumpy.  She walks into everything, the cone really wasn't helping. When she was fixed she wore a blow up ring around her neck.  She loved it, used it as a pillow.  So we stopped at the pet store to get her one of those.

Got to add some pictures of my sweet Sadie girl too :)  It is so hard to get good pictures of her!  She is so dark she blends in! She is so hot in this pictures, it was a scorcher this weekend.

The rest of Saturday we spend hanging out.  I lounged in my friends pool with the gang and then we all went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant - two words: so. good.

He is thrilled about taking a picture, can you tell?

Sunday was another relaxing day.  We went for our normal "Sunday morning" drive.  We usually go to Dunkin' Donuts, and then ride around town we love to drive around and look at the houses in the different neighborhoods.  We usually stop somewhere and people watch.  On our drive this weekend we saw this really different looking house, I couldn't help but take a picture. It kind of looks like something out of a book.

We spent most of the afternoon hanging with the dogs.  Jack washed the fence. While I lounged out reading my book.

We ended Sunday night with a visit from my dad. Cooked on the grill, and stopped at my absolute favorite place, the Ice Cream Barn.  They have all homemade ice cream with delicious flavors.  Last night I got, Kahlua Brownie and Grape Nut, ummm delicious!  (one of my favorite things about this ice cream shop is when you get sprinkles, they put some on the bottom, middle, and top! Perfection at its best.)

They also have this picture hanging in the shop, Jack says we need one for our house.  

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  1. I love that picture of you and Jack! So cute. I also love your puppies, ice cream, that ice cream sign, and your Sunday drives! :)